GAME Research Group is a dynamic and truly committed Research Group towards the excellence in advanced mechanical engineering and fracture mechanics. With advanced computer hardware and software, it is possible to model material processing, product manufacturing, product performance in service, and failure. Material design is somewhat less analytical, but new modeling approaches are emerging for this purpose. Although the fine-tuning of product manufacturing and performance is empirical, modeling can be an efficient tool to guide and optimize design, to evaluate material attributes and to predict life span. Moreover, modeling can be used as a research tool for a more fundamental understanding of physical phenomena that can result in the development of improved or new products. On the other hand, the experiments are also a very important components since all the new models requires validation.
Being aware of the relevance of the aforementioned issues, the areas of expertise of GAME are:

  • Plasticity, forming and fracture of metals
  • Machining and tribology
  • Product development
  • Composite materials
  • Manufacturing